My site pages not indexed on brave. only few pages shown

@Mattches @clifton why my site pages not shown on brave search on PC i run a employment news site. i have more than 1500 pages but their is only few pages indexed on brave. same issue happened for my new site home lift price in india page
Brave search screenshot i added here

This is because Brave Search does not index the whole web. Crawling is biased towards “popularity” based on a variety different anonymous signals and/or number of in-links from multiple domains.

We do this to help keep the web index to a manageable size (by “manageable” I mean ~17B pages). Indexing the whole web (as Google does) would increase this index ten fold — which means it would be 10x more expensive to operate and with a significant amount of additional “noise” in the results.

This is a conscious trade off that the Search team has made — without them, Brave Search would not be able to exist at this time. As Brave Search grows and expands, we are/will continue to relax those constraints.

Hope this helps.

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