My business listing is wrong

My business listing is sending people to a competitor’s website and phone number.
How do I correct this?

When you’re on the results page of Brave Search, you’ll see a settings icon toward the upper right.


Click it and then Share Feedback.


You’d provide details and submit that. It’s been said by the product manager of Brave Search that this goes directly to the developers and they handle it. Can’t tell you a timeline for it or anything, but that’s the steps as been instructed.


Is there a way I can get them to contact me?
I was on my home computer last night and the listing came up as us with just some wrong information.

But when I look at it now from work, I’m getting only one result and it’s a completely different company.

I’d like to be able to know that I’m going over all information to see that it’s corrected. Not to mention, the results finder apparently needs updating.

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