Multitouch Finger Gesture for iOS app


Don’t you guys feel frustrated when you have to tap small areas to close/open tabs, to switch tabs, to show bookmarks, and to do everything. Even though you are using tablet, one of the best tool for browsing.

I’ve been looking for a browser with multi-touch finger gesture supporting, for a couple of years. There was a browser called “Maven+”, not famous but with great interactive UI but it’s gone.

Here are some examples from my personal customization, and I was very satisfied with it.

  • three finger swipe left to move previous tab
  • three finger swipe right to move next tab
  • three finger swipe down to close tab
  • three finger tap to open bookmarks

Despite the strength of Brave is strong privacy control, it can be better by getting better UI.

I’m sure that Brave with better operability can conquer the market, so I recommend this feature.

I’m waiting for your feedback.
Thank you.