Javascript/fingerprinting leak?

I stubled upon and tested brave and firefox (scripts ON).
As expected, both browsers leaked some info. However

Firefox DIDNT let anything show in the following categories, while brave gave it away:

  1. Battery Status API
    (API Support, Battery is Charging, Battery Charging Time, Battery Discharging Time, Battery Level, Diagnosis)
  2. Network Information API
    (API Support, effectiveType, rtt, downlink, saveData)

According to this post battery status shouldnt have leaked.

Brave Version 0.62.51, windows 10
-ads and trackers blocked
-connection encrypted
-3rd party cookies blocked
-all scripts allowed
-device recognition blocked

If tested with all scripts disabled, nothing leaks as expected.

I am just suprised firefox by default hides more javascript info than brave. Please look into it.

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