IT'S HERE. On-chain BAT payouts for Brave Rewards to your own wallet!

Will you receive an invite?


pray tell, how might one receive an invite?


That sounds cool. I hope it will stop people crying about rewards, filling 90% of forum posts.

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It’ll be random. They said it’s going to be small batches of people and expand over time. No ETA on final completion in regards to availability for everyone.


This is a nice update. Hope to get this option sooner.

I sincerely hope that final completion will be very soon. This is what I’ve been waiting for. The one reason that I currently don’t participate in Brave Rewards (other than the ridiculous “know your customer” crap that U.S. exchanges are forced to subject their customers to) is that all of your “account partners” require a valid, active cell phone number to open an account. My family don’t own or use cell phones or WiFi. One bout with cancer was quite enough.