Issues logging in to Youtube

Everytime I try to login to my Youtube-Account I’ll be redirected to the Youtube-Error-Page right after I click on Sign In. Strangely Brave worked fine on saturday morning but in the evening when I came back from college I got this message:

Logging in to Youtube in other browsers works fine.
It’s even weirder that on my phone I can login to Youtube in Brave but not on my Desktop.

I have Windows 10 and Brave Version 0.65.121.

Hi, I can log in to Youtube (Google Account) without any problems. Sure it doesn’t have a connection to your account, for example a temporary ban?

Brave 0.65.121

As I can read, you are also offered a fix (“Behebe den Fehler hier”) :slight_smile:

No, I wasn’t banned.
I can log in on other browsers and on Brave on my phone, just not on Brave on desktop.
And I clicked on “hier” and it redirected me to an FAQ which didn’t help me either.

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