Important: Fake brave browser on google play store



Thank you for the heads up, forwarding this information now.


The fake browser. the url:

And even it is not rare they copied the tumbinails from brave but they do not need acces to location audio and video but how could the browser function without that it is even not useable and also it is misleading can someone take it down
And also more than 10k people already downloaded it and got misleaded

Frack, over 10000 downloads for this garbage, how is not taken already down from the play store? Maybe google likes the idea someone scamming people who want to support his competitors.

The 10k is not real number, just bots downloaded it to legimitize it to some extent.
All reviews are also fake.

I would say, nobody has actually downloaded the browser. You cannot find it directly on google play store via search. You need to go to the authors profile page and then click on the fake brave browser. The authors profile page is itself hidden one. You actually need to spend 2-3 mintues to get to the fake brave browser.

I would say practically nobody, not a single actual user has downloaded and installed the browser.

I can find it via search

And probaly a few people have downloaded the fake one

It has been removed…

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