I want to know if I'll get my link to Refer Brave to other people

Hello. I just started using Brave and since I created my account as Creator, I can’t have my link to Refer Fans, so I can invite other people to start using it… So, I want to know if I’ll get it soon or what happened with that?

Thank you for your time and support. Also, nice browser.

Sadly Referral program no longer available for new creators https://brave.com/referral-program-changes/

That’s so sad… Then you guys have to inform that on the section of refer when a new person create his account. I was excited to participate on this event, but that’s too bad I won’t be able. So now the only way to win BAT is watching ads… Impossible.

Thank you for your answer and support.

You still able to receive tips/contributions from your fans/viewers. The recent change only affect Referral program.

Yeah, I get it but it’s pointless anyhow because the best way was with referral.

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