I can't find the way to sync Brave between Mac OS browser and iOS

Hi there,

sorry to bother with a noob question, but I really can’t find the way to create a sync chain between my Mac OS brower and my Iphone.

Actually, there’s a sync setting menu on my Iphone, but not on my PC browser .
I’ve been reading the “hamburger” menu ten times, but I can’t find any option about sync.

Here’s the config :
Mac OS 10.15.3
Brave 1.3.118
iOS : 13.3.1

Many thanks,


Sync is temporarily disabled due to recent crash reports. The team is working to make it available again.


Is there a main thread or a bug that we can follow for this issue?


thanks you for the answer. Do you know (more or less) when it could be available again ?

thank you


No ETA as far as I’m aware of. But it’s in priority.

Thanks for your patience.

That version has been updated to 1.4.95, and the release notes say the bug was fixed. But Sync is no longer available

Yes @thelke. It just a some fix for Sync. Sync is still disabled.

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