How yo tell brave no save of password

On my Android phone, how do I tell Brave “No” when I do not want it to save a password I just entered. Most of the time I want the password save, but in special circumstances I don’t.

The problem is Brave puts up a popup asking of I want the password saved. The only action allowed is a “continue” link. There is nobwayvto say, “no” and the popup won’t go away.

I cannot figure out make this popup go away in the cases where I don’t want the password saved.

Do you know how to do it?

It seems that your password for that website is already saved.

So go to Settings → password manager → Search up that website and delete the password

There you can disable or enable saving passwords for all websites.

Right, I have the password saved to another value I do not want changed in what is saved

It is one or two passwords where I want this special treatment. I don’t want to disable the overall function

What is missing is a NO button for the save. Why is that?

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