How to remove tab bar context menu entry 'bring all tabs to this window'?


I am using the tab bar on the left and am using different windows for different topics. I often use the option to restore a closed tab/window.

Since some updates there is a new dangerous feature called ‘bring all tabs to this window’ almost right next to the restore button. The browser is already often slow and sluggish. Now having that ‘bring all tabs to this window’ option makes it really dangerous to use the restore button as I am sure Brave would just break trying to move all 2k+ tabs.

Would you kindly give an option to remove the ‘bring all tabs to this window’ entry or att least hide it?

I am sure for some the ‘bring all tabs to this window’ option could be useful. To me it is not and makes using Brave really dangerous.

Looking forward to your replies! Many thanks in advance!

Any ideas? Would be really helpful! ( :

I am also interested in disabling this menu option.

My muscle memory keeps making me default to clicking this breaking my multi monitor setup! I don’t want to see this option in the menu at all / hide it completely. Or system wide disable if needed.