Highlighted Texts Not Supported in Brave

I recently switched to the Brave browser and discovered that it doesn’t support highlighted texts on websites. I tested this on both the desktop and android versions of Brave. Highlighted text is an essential feature for the website I’m reporting on, as many users rely on it. Below, I’ve attached screenshots of how it appears on Brave desktop, as well as how it looks on Chrome desktop. I’ve also included website link for Brave team to check in both browsers.

Website link here
Screenshot of Chrome desktop
Screenshot of Brave desktop

Will this ever be supported on Brave, does the team have any plans to add this in future iterations?

@fanboynz I’m able to replicate this as well. Tagging you in as they had it in a different category. I just moved over to web compatibility as think it might be more appropriate?

I tested with and without Shields, doesn’t seem to show the highlight of text. But it does load in Chrome and Edge.

Link: https://www.neetprep.com/notes/4110#:~:text=The%20corpuscular%20model%20predicted%20that%20if%20the%20ray%20of%20light%20(on%20refraction)%20bends%20towards%20the%20normal%20then%20the%20speed%20of%20light%20would%20be%20greater%20in%20the%20second%20medium

Chrome Desktop:

Brave Desktop:

Brave IOS:

[u]Brave Android[/]

@Saoiray It’s kind of surprising that nobody from Brave seems to be paying much attention to this, even though it’s pretty important. Could you kindly bring this to the attention of someone who can genuinely look into it?

Not sure why you say that. I’m sure they have looked or will look.

Important to you, perhaps. But if I’m blunt, this is a very niche issue that doesn’t really matter to many people. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high priority and 1 being low enough that it can likely be ignored, this is about a 2.

The websites still load, you see all texts, the browser doesn’t crash, etc. It’s just that for whatever reason it’s not highlighting text when you get to it. This is a cosmetic concern more than anything.

Again, I don’t think they are ignoring it or anything. It’s just that there are other issues of higher concern that’s getting more attention.

I know I’ve tagged Fanboynz before. He’s one of the primary people who helps for web compatibility. Only other to tag would be @Mattches. Just keep in mind Support generally isn’t active on weekends or American holidays. They are all helping hundreds of people each day and sometimes it just takes a bit of patience.

It truly does matter, and it’s not specific to any niche. Just because you haven’t encountered this before doesn’t diminish its significance to others. Assigning a priority rating isn’t something we can determine here. While it might be a 2 for you, it holds the utmost importance, rating a 10, for both me and the individuals within my organization.

When a webpage features more than 10 pages of text, and a user clicks to find highlighted text, they won’t be able to locate it by themselves; they will undoubtedly require the text to be highlighted for clarity.

Thanks a lot!

I believe his intent here is to simply set your expectations realistically — issues that affect a very small percentage of users receive lower priority. This is just how it works in general for any company, not just Brave. It doesn’t mean the issue will never get resolved or will be ignored entirely, just that it’s not going to take precedence over an issue, bug or feature that will impact a significantly higher percentage of users.

That said, what exactly are we talking about here? You are both referring to “highlighted text” — is this an specific extension you’re referring to or some specific feature that I’m unaware of? When I hear “highlighted texts”, I think “click and drag to highlight text” — which obviously works, so it must be something else you are referring to. Can either of you elaborate on what the actual feature you’re referring to is?

@Mattches What they are referencing is that when you visit a link that had things like ~:text=The%20corpuscular%20model%20predicted%20that%20if%20the%20ray%20of%20light%20(on%20refraction)%20bends%20towards%20the%20normal%20then%20the%20speed%20of%20light%20would%20be%20greater%20in%20the%20second%20medium when you visit that link, it highlights the text as it’s dictated in that URL link. The example they gave was https://www.neetprep.com/notes/4110#:~:text=The%20corpuscular%20model%20predicted%20that%20if%20the%20ray%20of%20light%20(on%20refraction)%20bends%20towards%20the%20normal%20then%20the%20speed%20of%20light%20would%20be%20greater%20in%20the%20second%20medium

This works in all chromium browsers except for Brave. And when you’re asking if it’s an extension, it’s not. And I am unaware of any toggle or setting for this. That said, it doesn’t seem to work on Firefox either.






So when it works, people clicking on links will be directed exactly to the sentence/paragraph that a person was linking to, rather than having to read the whole article or do something like a Ctrl+F to search for it. This is something that long existed in things like Internet Explorer and all.

I see — my bad I was unclear about the behavior. Yes it looks like I can reproduce this, although I’m not sure why it doesn’t work in Brave. Reaching out to the team for more information.

Looks like we cut this feature for privacy/security implications:


Interesting. It seems weird on contradicting information on what is and isn’t possible on that, but at least see where there are multiple sources that explain risks.

@user07 you may want to check out https://portswigger.net/daily-swig/attackers-can-use-scroll-to-text-fragment-web-browser-feature-to-steal-data-research just to give an example then.

@Mattches Thank you for looking into this! It’s incredibly valuable to understand the potential risks it poses to security and privacy.

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Thanks for sharing this.

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