Gemini Brave account flagged

I’ve been waiting 2 months now for my Gemini/Brave account to be Unflagged. I’ve read other topics and the answer is wait a few days.

Is there anything else I can do to speed up the process?

That’s never the answer on topics here. Only time you see the “wait a few days” is for people who submitted support tickets or who might say they haven’t received their payout when the payments are processing (such as now).

That said, the official notice and Help articles still say that there’s nothing you need to do and the system should reevaluate and determine if to unflag you. Unfortunately it doesn’t usually do that and is something Brave is slated to work on in the future. For now, if you want to appear your account being flagged, you have to submit a Rewards Support Ticket assuming you’re flagged with Brave. If you’re saying Gemini account has an issue, then you need to go through Gemini and there’s nothing anyone from Brave will be able to do to help.

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