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1.I cannot find a button that allows me to forward a URL link by email.

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Which browser were you using before?

Just Copy the URL and compose a new mail to send it to someone.

1.Left click on the address bar (TOP below the tabs) to highlight the URL (Best way Ctrl+L)
2.Ctrl + C to Copy
3.Open your E-Mail Client , receiver’s mail ID, Ctrl+V to paste the URL (in E-Mail Body)

Thank you for quick response. But that is a lot more work… steps. I am a regular of Firefox, Explorer, Edge. They all have dropdown button that extracts url opens default email and places link in body of mail. Presto… choose recipient and send

This is not a built-in feature of the browser. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Yes I realise that. I’m kinda asking for it to be installed.

Perhaps down the road it can be considered, but we have many high priority items to address before including a minor feature such as the one you describe.

Thank you.