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Hi. I am trying brave and generally great browser. But I can’t live with the favourite limit on home page. Why is it limited to 12 on the first page?? Is there a way to change it? There is plenty of space on the page to set it. This is something , that I think will push me off using brave. How there is a fix or it will be changed in future update.

Is this forum inactive? Hoped for an answer

Nope. We just all pick and choose topics to respond to. Overall yours is more of a feature request than a question. They have the limit as it is and no, there’s no way to expand on it.

Keep in mind there’s bookmarks. They just have limited space for Top Sites and all, especially where they are having to build things to also leave space for the NTP ads. That said, they have expanded it compared to what it used to be. I mean, at one point we couldn’t actually customize the sites, with it instead only listing what websites we visited the most. So what we have now looks really good in comparison (Android is actually still lacking this customization).

I’m just a normal user who spends time helping people here. I usually just help with routine support stuff and help triage issues. Hence why I didn’t respond to yours initially.

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Well, thanks for responding. Seems I won’t find any solution. Hope to see this feature showing up in some future updates. Will come back then. Returning to firefox then.

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