Faked browser site

Hi, I was browsing when I came across an ad. It was something about a browser and to be honest the domain name caught my attention (typical website to distribute malware disguised as a browser).

I came across something interesting. The reviews are totally faked (these were stolen from the official Brave site). The name of the browser is Netbox and the download link takes me to the official page of this browser. The page has nothing interesting.


Well, doing a little research i came to the conclusion that the browser is “real” and that they have a monetary system just like brave.

Summary: what brings me here is the fake reviews taken from the original Brave website. This seems like a fraudulent way to advertise a browser.

I don’t think you guys can do much about this, but I let you know about the situation. If necessary I can download the browser on a virtual machine. The virustotal analysis came out clean


@Markook ,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Passing this along to the team now.

@Markook ,
Actually, can you point me to where you’re seeing the reviews that were stolen, specifically?

In my point of view the reviews are too similar. I will send a photo of both



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It seems that they simply cut the texts

Hmmm so the first site you sent seems more or less fine, but the one you’re linking to now seems like a very obvious fake – yet they’re both “netbox”? Hmmm.

Mattches. The first link of this topic is the one i sent the photos with. www.web-browser-download(dot)com’s download buttom redirects to https://netbox.global/. In these both sites they are talking about Netbox Browser

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Maybe you didn’t see it but at the beginning of this topic I put two links: the first was www.web-browser-download(dot)com and the second one was https://netbox.global/

www.web-browser-download(dot)com’s download buttom redirects to https://netbox.global/.

I got it – thank you for the heads up. We’re looking into this now.

No problem. As i said, if is needed i can download the browser on a virtual machine.


Here are two more suspicious websites:



Yeah, i know about these two. But i was specifically talking about this one because it gives other browser but with faked reviews of Brave

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