Easy Maths On Brave

Hello Brave Browser Developers!

My name is Max, and I reallllllly love the amazing browser you have been able to present to us. The built-in ad-blocker, the accelerator, and much more. However, I had a little suggestion to make that I think will make the Brave Browser easier to use, and the feature will make Brave better. 

My idea was that when you type out a math equation in a new tab the answer shows up in the place of the first website. If we head on to Google Chrome, and we type in 1+1 in a new tab's search bar, we received "=2". Compared to Brave, we then have to press enter, then find the answer being shown on the google calculator. First of all this saves us all time, and instead of loading google over and over again, we can calculate multiple equations which actually having to go a website. 

I'm not sure if my idea sounds impossible, or too much to ask for, I just wanted to know if suggestions like these are possible to be taken in and given feed back to. Thank you Brave, and have a good day.

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