Device recognition

When device recognition is set to block all device recognition attempts and when for instance Brave browser detects and blocks a device recognition attempt for a website how could I view what Brave browser blocked/protected me against? For instance whether it blocked a canvas fingerprint attempt etc…?

I believe that’s something we have planned for the future. However, while you can’t tell what the specific type of attempt made was, if you click on the down arrow next to the blocked count you can see the URL/source of the attempt:

I believe one of the old version of Brave browser shows the type of attempt that was made, if that’s true could you please confirm which version it is and whether I could still download and use it?

I don’t think that was the case in the old Muon browser either. In either case, the Muon browser is no longer supported and cannot be used, as it is no longer secure. If you feel strongly about this feature, I would suggest leaving a feature request on our Community, as the devs do regularly sift through them.

Feature request opened here Device recognition attempt