Combining my diffferent BAT accounts

I admit that I don’t understand the whole BAT thing at all. I understand the concept and I think I understand the objective but other than that I am a bit lost.

I use Brave on my iPhone, Ipad, and several Macs. Each one seems to have a disjoint Brave account. Is there a way for them to share it?

@Pitosalas can you elaborate more about " Brave account"? I’m not really sure about that.

Sorry: I meant BAT account, e.g. BAT Rewards Account or Wallet. The different computers running Brave all live in the same sync group.

Got it. Thanks for the confirmation @Pitosalas.

For now, you’ll get different personas (account) for every Brave that you have.

Wallet sync is in the plan.
Let me know if it’s still unclear.


Totally clear. Do we have any idea of when that might become part of beta build?

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