Can't log into X (twitter) suddenly

Suddenly today, I can’t log into X on Brave. Tried on Firefox, works fine. Worked this morning okay. X wants me to log in, then says “Oops, something went wrong”. Seems to be just with this browser, and just today…

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exactly the same now happend on my side … can log into twitter on any other browser, but it’s broken on brave.

hard reload didn’t help.

Same here, how do you guys solve it?

does it work in private window mode? try clearing the cache

Funny. Same thing happening to me. Cleared cache and still not working although working in a private window.

any extensions installed?

No extensions. Toggled developer mode on and off and didn’t work in either variation.

I also can’t log in to Twitter. Just tried today (Feb. 24). This is on Windows 10. I tried disabling Brave Shields, to no avail.

Same thing, suddenly can’t login in clear cache everything. Just work in private mode

Same here. Extensions or not, cleared cache and works fine ONLY on private.

For god’s sake, everything is broken with the latest update. Can’t log to twitter, youtube has playback and audio issues, browser itself is unstable, just what is going on…

I have nothing relevant to add apart from that I am experiencing the same issue. Just want to refresh the topic because I see there is no solution yet.

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Nothing changed still not working!

Same here. Works only in private mode

I experienced a similar issue in another browser, Was resolve by just clearing cookies/site-data. I don’t think its a “Brave issue”. Just follow similar directions in the gif.

March 6 2024 and this suddenly happened to me today. Cleared Cache. Reset brave and rebooted computer. Sign in works with Chrome, Microsoft and Opera.
Keep getting the Oops something went wrong message.
3 hrs and still no fix.

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1 more week and nothing, no news from brave support

weirdly enough i can access to twitter just fine on brave but CAN’T on chrome. incognito mode works fine even though i turned off most my extensions, still nothing on non-incognito mode.
although i have nearly every same extension on brave and they don’t seem to affect negatively there.

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omg. thank you, that was probably the only thing i didn’t do and it worked. f elon and x btw.

Same here… for longer time I have to use other browsers for X.
@fanboynz no extension. I does not work even with Brave shield turned off.

Clear cookies and cache, then refresh. (see my gif, can occur on any browser).