Cant find extension

can anybody give me the instructions to download xdm extension because i cant find its extension page anywhere even when the app directs me

Hey there,

A bit off-topic, but it’s okay for this time. :v:

According to this Guide, you need to start at your local installed XDM Download Manager and set your browser in development mode — which is also very easy as shown in the mentioned Guide above.

I guess the developers created the installation process this way because Google gets more restrictive with Extensions not only Ad-Block but also with Download Managers.

Anyway, I think the developers created a relative easy way to install the extension by hand, shouldn’t be that difficult for you.

I hope I could help you, if not, don’t hesitate to ask again, I would try to assist you further.



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thankyou its working now

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I’m happy to hear this! :smiley: :tada:

You can mark my answer as solution/solved so that everyone else can see the solution to the same question they may have.

Cheers :cocktail:

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i downloaded the beta a it gave me step by step explaination
earlier i was trying it with 2020 version

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Okay interesting, sadly I don’t know this download manager, but nevertheless I’m happy I could help you. :blush: :handshake:

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