Can't access my wallet

Can’t access my wallet

Brave Version:1.10.94, Chromium 83.0.4103.106

Mobile Device details: General Mobile GM5 Plus, Android 8.0

Can’t access my wallet, when ı went to the rewards tab its want me to create wallet. But ı have wallet already! When ı tap “I’m in” it’s spining and spining and nothing. And if ı click BAT symbol “Uh oh! Brave reward servers are not responding.” I get advertising even I cannot access my wallet.

Edit:İt works fine right now.

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there are issue with the reward server many face issue related to connecting to the server that including me

hope they fix it soon and have a nice day

İt works fine right now.

i saw it but yesterday and today i notice it scaled up and many report that but
so i hope it been fixed soon

I’ve been having the same problem since yesterday. Downloaded the Beta & Nightly build to test. Same issue on Beta, but Nightly appeared fine.

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