Cannot link gemini to brave

I cannot link my gemini to Brave. I have a user of brave since a long time but out of nowhere i got logged out of gemini and now i can not even link it. It always says, “Region not supported”. What does this mean for my brave rewards and help me out here a little and please provide me with an appropriate solution.


Probably nothing can be done, now, as you wait (we do not know how long) for support of your region, to return. But . . .

If you wish, request help, by completing the Brave Rewards Support Ticket Form at:

Wallet Payment ID would be required in the ticket form and will be found at: brave://rewards-internals/

(If, somehow, you cannot locate your Wallet Payment ID, then try using your e-mail address in the entry field.)

Please DO NOT reveal your Wallet Payment ID nor other personal info (egs. full name, e-mail address), here, at this very public forum, the Brave Community.

Report your issue details and include:

  • URL address where you first posted your issue

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