Build Failing on Linux - License Error

I am getting the following build error for both components and release:

FAILED: gen/components/resources/about_credits.html
python …/…/build/util/ …/…/tools/ --target-os=linux --depfile gen/components/resources/about_credits.d credits gen/components/resources/about_credits.html
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “…/…/tools/”, line 859, in
File “…/…/tools/”, line 844, in main
args.gn_target, args.depfile):
File “…/…/tools/”, line 714, in GenerateCredits
CheckBraveMissingLicense(target_os, path, e)
File “/home/yurname/src/brave-browser/src/brave/script/”, line 146, in CheckBraveMissingLicense
raise error
main.LicenseError: missing README.chromium or SPECIAL_CASES entry in brave/vendor/adblock_rust_ffi

I read through the files in the backtrace and (as a newbish experimenter) have determined the culprit line is likely in src/tools/ lines 440 and 441:

if not os.path.exists(readme_path):
raise LicenseError(“Missing README.chromium or SPECIAL_CASES entry in %s\n” % path)

I looked in brave/vendor/adblock_rust_ffi and sure enough there is no README.chromium there. There is a LICENSE file indicating the component is under MPL 2.0. I looked at other README.chromium files and it does not seem to complicated. Should one be added? Is the check for this readme in error?

You can delete the brave/vendor/adblock_rust_ffi directory. It has been moved directly into the brave repository as components/adblock_rust_ffi/.

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Ok I want to delete the brave/vendor/
adblock_rust_ffi directory into a Brave repository with component links to suit and activate 2.31.1 with downloads to Linux for latest update I also want to use the GitHub links for my browser extension Thanks for the info fmariar