Brave wallet verification

As you mentioned the rewards now transferred to uphold.
But i have a doubt, when I saw the disconnected wallet and tried to reconnect it i was asked for the authentication key also, seemed as if a completely new browser was being verified.
So will this count as a new browser and now I have 1 less chance to verify some other brave rewards wallet(limit to verify wallet is 4 with same uphold) or it was just a reconnection?
@eljuno @Mattches

Hi @botroy - just a reconnection I believe.

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Great to hear you received your payment!


I did not disconnect the wallet from uphold it was automatic and I just clicked on the disconnected option and I was redirected to the uphold website where I logged in with the same uphold account as before. So will it be counted as a new browser or the same one.

Thanks a lot the support team has been working hard as we can see… :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Could you please confirm so that I can connect another wallet too as the issue has been fixed else again it will be a problem as I just had 1 chance left

Connecting/disconnecting a wallet in the way you described will not count towards your total connected wallets.

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