Brave Wallet issue verification (Uphold)

HI Brave Community !

I’ve a verfification issue to get my Brave Rewards. I have an Uphold account alread verified (and I’ve already check the Uphold support to, which confirm to me that my account is verified), but Brave keep telling me that I need a verified account to get my Rewards.
This is the latest version of Brave, I do not know how to resolve this issue.

Thanks for all of your anwers.

(Screen in French)

Hi @Alexis25, you you see anything in your email from Uphold regarding CDD information?

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem and no email from Uphold.

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Hi @steeven, there are none. Please check this uphold’s answer :

Hey steeven, I’ve DM’ed you regarding my last month payment issue. Can you please check?

So… is there someone that could help me @steeven ? :sweat_smile:

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