Brave Save Images hangs browser - BUG!

try and right click and image to save it hangs the browser

tried earlier fixes suggested from past posts in forum hardware acceleration etc none work

latest version of x64 brave on windows 11 x64

any idea on a fix eta?

See here:

A potential issue is a lengthy download history. If you don’t care about it and want to keep the new “download bubble” that got implemented in a recent update, clear it using this method:

If you have nothing in your download history but this issue came up, then please let us know. I’m curious about the issue and it’ll help the dev team figure out the cause.

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thanks for the reply
checkbox is currently clear with ‘None’ in Download History - experiencing the issue
will enable and see what that does

no change still hanging on file/image save as or download :frowning:

Sadly that was all I had. Hoped that was going to fix your issue. Gonna tap in @Saoiray since I’m not well versed in troubleshooting.

Hello @NickC

if you have extensions could you disable all of them and try again?

could you clear your cache history?

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

clear cache history didn’t work

will try the disable of plugins thanks

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