Brave rewards missing on Chromebook

I installed Brave browser (android vesion) on my chromebook today from Playstore. But its not showing Brave rewards in the options. i have searched everywhere in the settings. Why is this?

I would install Brave on your Chromebook’s Linux Development Environment – see here:

I have done this, and it works great. Brave Rewards works fine after installing Brave on my Chromebook’s Linux Development Environment.

Thank you for the suggestion. My Chromebook only has 16Gb internal memory. For running linux i belive atleat 6gb needs to be dedicated for it. Which is too much, thats why i never tried Linux on my chromebook. Maybe i am wrong about this. lol
however since we are using same version of Brave on android which has brave rewards, how come they dont have it on chromebook even though i have the exact same thing on my phone, thats what bothering me

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