Brave Rewards is not working, but i live in supported region

I live in Israel but brave rewards keep saying “Brave Rewards is not available in your region”
I use windows. I don`t know what to do

Rewards are not available in your area tends to show because your OS is set to a locale that isn’t supported. Meaning you likely chose a region/locale on your Windows operating system that is outside of Israel and is one of the countries not able to participate in Rewards (such as Russia).

Israel is not supported in terms of being able to connect to a custodial partner anyway. If you look at you’ll see Israel is added on countries that have ad campaigns, but then if you check you’ll see that Israel is not supported by Uphold or any of the existing custodial partners. This means you won’t be able to earn BAT if you do participate in Rewards. (Just wanted to make sure you’re aware, if unknown)

Which country you live in doesn’t necessarily matter.

  • Brave first checks your OS locale to determine your region.
  • Then it uses your IP address to know which ads to show you, which should align with your OS settings and choice of Rewards country.
  • Lastly, it checks which passport you submitted to your custodial partner (such as Uphold), to determine what country you’re from.

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