Brave Rewards disabled

I opened browser today, and it says that my btave rewards were disabled due to living in restricted region, but I live in Canada. Did I lost all of my previous rewards? And how to fix it?

Hi Nicko. Just another Brave user like you but in an effort to help until one of the team reach your post…

The country you select on Brave must match the country on the ID you used when you verified with Uphold/Gemini (custodian). Did you use your Canadian ID ? If not, you can either (a) update by verifying again with your custodian using your Canadian ID, or (b) reset or reinstall Brave (you will lose you rewards - it sets up a new profile) and select the country you used to verify with your custodian, even though you’re not physically there. Provided its a Brave supported country you will then be able to reconnect and use rewards again.

As a side note I think and perhaps someone else can confirm, that Gemini now only serve US customers and have withdrawn support elsewhere. Uphold definitely support Canada though.

Can you send a screenshot of this?

What is your OS locale? That is, what country is your operating system settings set to?

I have russian OS language

Are you serious? It blocked my rewards just because I have russian OS even when I’m citizen of another country and I don’t even live in Russia, it’s just ridiculous


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