Brave Rewards problem in my region

I used Brave for over a year and received their BAT tokens. Yesterday in the browser I could not see my tokens. Was written: “Brave Rewards is not available in your region”.
Brave Rewards is not available in certain regions (“unavailable jurisdictions”). These regions include, but are not limited to, the following countries:

  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Russia
    I live in Belarus.
    How can I get my tokens???

Were you verified with Uphold or Gemini? If so, your BAT is in your account.

Unfortunately Belarus is blocked. And you know why. I will not develop this further because it’s a political matter.

You can find the list of supported regions in the following post:

@try2365 What is your device Locale set for?

Where can I find this information in Brave?

вс, 15 янв. 2023 г. в 23:23, Stephen Ray via Brave Community <>:

When I ask about your device locale, this wouldn’t be in Brave. This is on your Operating System. It is the region you have set.

I don’t know what OS you’re using. But like on Windows you go to Time & LanguageLanguage & RegionCountry or region.

On Android, you choose your Locale when you choose your language. Like if I did English-IN it would say my language is English and I’m in India. Or if I did English-GB it would see English language but locale of “Great Britain.”

@rodrige Just a FYI. What he’s talking about is the actual countries that can’t participate in Rewards at all. To this point, many were able to participate but were unable to link to custodial partner. But there’s a list of some countries which even Brave has prevented. That’s what OP linked to. Russia is one of the countries Brave has blacklisted. So there’s a slight difference.

I’m assuming OP might be same issue as someone else who was helped the other day. For their Locale, they had Russia even though they lived in different country. But because of that, installing Brave did so with Russia for location. This blacklisted them on that installation or whatever. So then has to change the Locale. I forget if new installation required or if just changing device info is all you need.

Region on my PC is Belarus.Not
Russia, North Korea,Cuba, Syria, Iran

@try2365 You see what I just replied to other person on. It might still be your situation. I see you have Belarus for country, I just don’t know if Russia for format also plays a part?

Part of me is making an assumption due to reply from someone in different post:

My guess is it’s because of that. But it might also just be that they have blocked all of Russia area, similarly to had been announced in post below when referencing Uphold:

I know have provided some thought for you to check, but since I don’t have any full answers I’ll tag @Evan123 and @Mattches to see if either might have better answers when they come back to work after tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I will also suggest you create a Rewards Support Ticket by clicking on the link I just gave.

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Yes, but you have to also look at the rest of what you quoted:

“Not limited to” means there can be countries affected that they don’t list. It is frustrating and I hate that I don’t have more certain answers yet. Support is often not active over the weekend. It is currently Sunday here in the United States. So might need to give it a couple days and hopefully we can have better answers. Right now it’s mainly guessing based on what little I have seen and know.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll try to write a letter to your link.

It does. Changing that fixed the issue for me

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It’s working.
Thanks so mutch

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Same problem ! When i put my VPN in Autralia Google with Brave localise me in Romania ! Whan i change VPN and I put VPN in France, Google shoping localise me in Japan !
Please help us !
Is is hacker ?

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