Brave public keys for checksums on Github

Hi there.

I’m writing a script to be used in Debian systems.
I need to verify the SHA256 checksum for a given .deb package, which is signed with a correspondent .asc file but I can’t find the public key associated with it.

In case it’s not clear, I’m talking about the .deb packages that can be found, for example, in a page like the following:

For example for a give .deb file (brave-browser_1.58.135_amd64.deb), there are two related files, the one with the checksum (brave-browser_1.58.135_amd64.deb.sha256) and the one with the signature (brave-browser_1.58.135_amd64.deb.sha256.asc).

There’s the following place:
But keys can’t be directly download (are we supposed to copy paste them manually?)

I was wondering if there’s an official place where I could directly download the signing keys for a given checksum.
I tried importing Brave keyring ( ) but apparently they’re using a different key for the releases that can be found on Github.

Could anybody help me?


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