Brave Nightly upcoming payout gone

I have been using Brave Nightly in order to be updated with the latest works of brave browser but now it is now not showing any BAT to be received for the previous month. What has happened can you please help

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I am also in the same boat got no response from any mods till now.

The “Current earnings this month (estimated)” resets at the end of each month. You should be seeing a message in your Brave Rewards page with a countdown to when payments BEGIN (on or about 7 October–it takes as much as a week for all of them to process).

The payout date was showing but since yesterdays mini nightly update the whole estimated amount and date has vanished but the regular brave version still shows 1 day left with amount of bat.

I’m having the same problem with 3 braves (Beta, Nightly, Original). It also doesn’t show incoming ad values on the “Brave Rewards” card.

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