Brave does not prevent or block web3 malicious sites

The mobile browser version of Brave does not block malicious sites that are web3. The Brave wallet on mobile only gives you the option of blindly signing web3 messages that would normally just be used for accessing a protected web3 website but the messages are attached to sweeper bots. Unfortunately, Wallet guard isnt mobile, so any advertisement of Brave Browser or Wallet being safe is FALSE. There is no recovery for your main tokens so its kinda of meaningless using Flashbot or revoking token approvals because the hacker sweep bots are always 2 steps ahead of you.

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Hi @madgas! Thanks for your feedback.

“Blind signing” is a huge problem that plagues most if not all crypto wallets. Not so long ago, we added support for parsing calldata of known contracts, which somewhat alleviated the security issues for a limited set of use-cases. You can read more about it here:

Good news is that we finally have a comprehensive solution for the issue of blind-signing, and are close to landing Transaction Previews on desktop, which will subsequently make it to iOS and Android. This will come with two main features:

  1. provide clear and user-friendly state transactions, including but not limited to balance changes.
  2. flag transactions that either originate from known phishing domains or attempt to perform malicious transactions.

You can track our progress on GitHub using the label feature/web3/wallet/simulation.

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