Brave build doesn't show error but can't start

I build from the brave-core@1.43.39 version.

Compiling fvm_shared v0.6.1
Compiling filecoin-cxx v0.0.1 (D:\brave-browser\src\brave\components\filecoin\rs)
Compiling speedreader-ffi v0.1.0 (D:\brave-browser\src\brave\components\speedreader\rust\ffi)
Compiling brave-rust v0.1.0 (D:\brave-browser\src\brave\build\rust)
Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 2m 53s
[54313/54313] STAMP obj/brave/brave.stamp

D:\brave-browser>npm start – Debug
npm WARN config global --global, --local are deprecated. Use --location=global instead.

brave@1.43.36 start
cd src/brave && npm run start – “Debug”

npm WARN config global --global, --local are deprecated. Use --location=global instead.

brave-core@1.43.39 start
node ./build/commands/scripts/commands.js start “Debug”

D:\brave-browser\src\out\Debug\brave.exe --enable-logging --v=0 --disable-brave-update

Where can I see the error log or where did I install it wrong?
npm 8.11.0
node v16.15.1
D:\brave-browser>where python

D:\brave-browser>where python3
Visual Studio Community 2022

@hiepnm93 I do not understand anything you posted. lol I do want to suggest that you provide some additional information.

  1. Brave version and OS which can be found at brave://version
  2. Link to download source
  3. Link to instructions (if any) you are following

If this is a development install and you are following these instructions: How to: build Brave on Windows - #4 by suguru, then I suggest you edit your title and move your topic to the Contributing/Developers category where you are more likely to get a knowledgeable response from users and/or staff monitoring the category.

Another option is to open a Brave GitHub issue report. Make sure you follow the guidelines or your issue report may be closed without notice.

Edit: Please delete your duplicate post.
Brave-browser build not error but not start

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