Better "work" with tabs

Is it possible to add this function from Android to iOS?

@sour I’m trying to think, those are new windows? And the one window which has 17 tabs? Or what is the function? It’s been a while since I had an Android and I’m trying to think about what it is you’re showing.

Asking as wanting to make sure I have a full understand and can try to toy with things a bit to see what’s possible and make sure nothing similar exists. But then also can see if it has OS limitations and all. Lots of little things are restricted as most of the world is being forced to use WebKit, which is basically just Safari for iOS.

I think it’s called — tabs grouping

It’s like a folder with tabs.

Example (you have 1 open tab):

•you open/create new tab (so now you have 2)

•open youtube site

•(than you see something interesting video but you don’t want to open now, you want to open them in background tabs) than tap and hold your finger in video

•than tap — open in “new tab group” (And so many times, for example, 20 times/20 tabs)

But when you open menu to see your opened tabs you see that 1 tab (from the beginning) and the second “tab” witch look like a folder (open the folder and you have that all your youtube tabs in “other tab/folder tab”)

But in “main menu” you have 2 tabs