Annoying typing bug

Hey, Fellas!

I’m having this annoying bug, issue whatever you call it. It annoys me so much of Brave and I have no clue how to fix it, So anywhere I left click with my mouse it shows this annoying typing thing image that kept happening to me for the past 3 month I’ve been using brave and can’t find a solve

If you can help me, please reply to this topic with a solve and as I’m new to this community.


Just everywhere I go I get this and it’s really annoying me image

Hi @iAbdo, could you try pressing F7, or the INSERT key, the next time it happens, and see if it fixes your problem? F7 should turn it off, though.


Thank you SO MUCH! You don’t understand how helpful this was to me, I really had to reinstall my browser and keep resettings settings and readding extensions to fix it. Thank you so much!!


I’m happy I was able to help! I bet that was super annoying :upside_down_face:

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