Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet Brave Reward Ads are not being advertised

I recently bought a Amazon Tablet I got rid of most of the bloatware and advertisement that’s over the OS for this tablet. I decided to take it a step further and download Brave when I installed Google playstore on the tablet. The only issue I’m having is i’m not getting any advertisement from Brave Rewards. Could anyone help me out? I didn’t any BAT this month on my tablet but on my phone i did. I also have my ad settings set to 10 ads every hour but none are popping up :confused:

Brave version 1.29.76, Chromium 93.0.4577.58
Android OS Android 9 Build PS7315

Run this as Amazon devices are not normally able to do brave rewards because they are de-googled originally.

It says CTS Match profile failed

Yeah… that was suspected… The ads appearing isn’t much a problem, it’s the claiming of the rewards that you won’t be able to do. The ads will eventually show, but when try to claim you’ll just get an oops message…

Hola. En los dispositivos móviles (con sistema Android) causa un poco menos de ads, te recomiendo que vayas a:

***configuración - recompensas Brave - mostrar anuncios de Brave cuando no esta en uso.

De esta manera te llegaran ads aunque no estes navegando en Brave.
Espero haberte ayudado.

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