Add Presearch as my default search engine on Brave mobile on Android

Hi guys!

All I need is in the my topic title… Hope some help

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Any ideas please?

Go to presearch in Brave, perform a search, then go to Settings —> Search engines and set it as your default.

Thank you but I tried this tip a dozen time with any result
Can’t see presearch in my recently web search history

I’m running Brave 1.64.122, Chromium 123.0.6312.122
On the Nothing Phone 2
Vpn turned on or off doesn’t change anything

So with the VPN turned off, if you visit, perform a search, then close/reopen the browser, presearch does not appear in the list, as shown below?

Absolutely not working as well… I don’t think it’s coming from my vpn because I used to run it on my previous phone