Add Ability to Browse Curated Ads

Brave does a good job shooting me ads on subjects that interest me. Since they usually pop up when I am doing something else, I do not always get a chance to stop to learn more about ads that I would like to check out. I would enjoy a feature where I could browse a list of ads curated for me at my own pace. If there was a rewards benefit to browsing those ads…that would be even better.

Hi @JJJ1 This feature is already implemented, maybe not fully to the extent you would like, since it is only 30-days history.

If you click on the rewards triangle on the top right of the browser

Then go to settings

At the bottom of the ads box, you will see 30 day ad history. When you click on this it gives you a list of ads you have received … wait for it… in the last 30 days XD

You can then click on ads to re-view them, tho this will not contribute towards your estimated earnings for the month, but will allow you to go back and read-up, sign-up and discover more !

You can also heart or thumbs down the ads if you like or dislike receiving certain ones. I don’t know if this prevents you from ever seeing said add again if you thumbs down or not. You could test that out tho.

Hope this helped :slight_smile: GL my guy !

Thanks, I will give it a try!

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