Adblock custom filters and capturing page

Just like Vivaldi android has capturing page feature and feature for customizing adblock and tracking filters, please if possible we want to see that feature in Brave too.

Cosmetic filtering is not supported in Brave so it is necessary to do something. I know devs are trying hard but if possible add option to add custom filters like in Bromite, Vivaldi, Adblock browser by eyeoGmbh.

And sometimes page capturing is required so if possible like Vivaldi please add option to capture page.

Hello @ysl99

not sure if that available on android or not but in desktop

go to brave://adblock/ and you can add custom filter

try this in android and see if it available there

hope that help and have a nice day

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Thanks I tried but custom filter not working. Please help if it is working in your case.

you welcome but i never used it before but just a notice did you follow the syntax rule

One per line, a filter is described in Adblock Plus filter syntax

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Yes I followed the same method but still custom filter not working. Can you help me further?

since i never used it let me ask @fanboynz to help you with that

and could you give the custom rule that did not work so he can check it and correct it if it needed

and have a nice day for both of you

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I've made the final decision to deprecate this repo since it isn't achieving my expected outcomes. No more commits will be made.

We use Easylist/Easyprivacy which most of that list uses ^ Regarding the rest:

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Can anyone suggest what is wrong with custom filters?

I inserted filters with adblock syntax one in one line, but they absolutely do not work. Custom filters are not currently supported?

You need to write (copy/paste) the filters, not the URL to the filters @AzagTot.

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Oh, thanks for the information! Nevertheless I would like to have support for custom filters by links, hope that someday this will appearwith a normal start page (with a large set of sites). :slight_smile:

Btw, while it is not possible to add your own lists, maybe you will add these filters to the standard list?

It would be cool )