Ad tabs are replaced by sponsored images on Brave Mobile 1.51.110

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Description of the issue:
Ad tabs left open in the mobile browser are replaced with a “default” sponsored image upon return to browser from a different app.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Receive an ad and open it in Brave Mobile 1.51.110
  2. Leave Brave running in background. Launch another app or go to another app already running in background.
  3. Return to Brave and, instead of last ad page loading you can actually see a reload of a specific sponsored image every time.

Expected result: - The same ad page left open would be displayed.

Brave Version( check About Brave): - 1.51.110

Mobile Device details Verizon Samsung Z Fold 3 (SM-F926U)
One UI version - 5.1
Android version 13

Additional Information:
I can provide the screen shot of the “default” sponsored image that shows every time upon reload

The screenshot would be appreciated. If I didn’t take your word for it, I’d assume what’s happening is it’s refreshing and you’re getting the normal background rather than another ad. But if it is replacing with an ad, especially a specific ad, each time then it would be weird.

But keep in mind that there are Background Images that appear otherwise. So it rotates between Background Image and Sponsored Image when opened.

Hi Saoiray,

Thanks for your prompt response,

Actually, to clarify, the sponsored image is not being replaced by an ad, it’s the reverse. An ad page that has been left on screen is replaced by a sponsored image upon return to the browser from “somewhere” else, like another app.

The image that replaces any ad screen left in the browser is:

I might even be tempted to agree that this is “expected” behavior, except that it only happens on the Samsung fold and not on the other three mobile devices where Brave is running.

@mvelazqu1 Okay, so let me clarify on terminology. I think you know some of what I’m saying, but I’m putting it out there for the random straggler that might also see your topic. Just trying to make sure anyone seeing it can make sense of things.

What you are showing in the screenshot is one of the Background Images. It is not a Sponsored Image. Also, there are three different terms for the same thing that you might see depending on who you talk to.

Sponsored Images (SI) = New Tab Page (NTP) ads = New Tab Takeover (NTT) ads. The latter of the three is new and mainly is a term used by those at Brave. You can actually see all the New Tab Takeover images over at Btw, I’ll be calling them NTP ads in my discussion here.

In any case, the one in your screenshot is the ones that normally appear and isn’t an ad at all. It’s just random images that appear. Then you’ll have things like NTP ads which can generate in place of the background image. These are the ones that don’t say Photo By instead will have a clickable thing to whatever is being advertised.

And what I quoted here is the big thing that matters. That page is being refreshed, which then has it checking against what it’s supposed to do. You can only see 1 NTP ad every 15 minutes. If you saw a NTP and refresh, then you won’t be able to see it or another NTP ad for at least those 15 minutes. Also, when NTP ad is due to be seen, you may have to open like 4-5 tabs before it appears (but it is pretty much guaranteed to appear within about 4-5 refreshes)

Out of curiosity:

  • What versions of Android are they? All of them running Android 13 or they vary? (I’m wondering if this plays a part, like if perhaps Android 13 is hibernating tabs and refreshes when you switch, where others maybe keep it active?)

  • You’re positive that on the ones you say your other three mobile devices show a NTP ad and never replaces, even when refreshed? Or is the key issue here that perhaps they aren’t refreshing while your Fold is refreshing?

  • Is it just a matter of changing tabs that causes this to happen? In other words, are you locking your phone or is it perhaps just after a certain amount of time passes?

Good points all, and gave me pause for thoughts…

  1. IF NTPs are “supposed” to replace ad pages, then you are correct in that, if I leave the browser and come back immediately, the ad page that was displayed is still there. Only if I leave for a period of, say, 10 minutes and THEN come back will I see the ad that was previously there (for example, a “Quick Alerts” page) with the image I posted.

  2. I am not “reloading” intentionally. When I return to the browser, it appears to reload on its own. I suppose, from your responses, this means a threshhold time of some sort has been reached which indicates its time for a refresh/reload, at which point it loads the image above. The funny thing is, it’s ALWAYS the same image. I would think it would load “one of” the NTPs, but not the same exact one every time.

  3. In terms of the devices; all of them are Samsung (sorry, bit of a fan-boy). One is a Note 9 running One UI 2.5 and Android 10, one is a TAB S7 FE running One UI 5.0 and Android 13 and the other is Tab A running One UI 2.1 and Android 10.

Hope that helps you find the root cause.


Well, I see:

  • You keep saying NTP when they aren’t NTP ads. But I’ll try not to get hung up on that. lol. But yes, the background image is replacing your NTP ad on your new tab.

  • I don’t keep up with OS changes as much as I should. However, I do know that Android and Chrome/Chromium in general has been advancing to try to hibernate resources that aren’t in use so that the device can function better and preserve battery. More things running in the background = higher usage of cpu/ram/battery. So it’s possible part of what you’re seeing in behavior between them may be from this.

Of course, as I said, I haven’t kept track of changes so the second point there is more theory from what I think. What I will do is tag @Mattches just to see if he can share why the behavior on your different Android devices might be different in terms of it refreshing your New Tab Page.

If I understand correctly here, the (simplified) behavior is:

  1. Receive a push notification Ad from Brave (Brave Ads)
  2. Tap one of those ads to view the site/product being advertised in the browser
  3. Close/minimize the browser and do other things for a while
  4. Reopen Brave and the page that was there is now gone and all that shows is the New Tab Page

Is that correct? If so the real issue here is why are those sites disappearing rather than why is a specific image showing. Once you tap on a Brave Ad and are taken to the website associated with it, that site should behave just like any other website — that is, it stays open until you’re ready to view it again.

You’re not seeing this behavior on any other websites, just during the times where you open and view Brave Ads?

Hi Mattches, Saoiray,

Thanks for your response.

Not quite… I get an ad page as a new tab, for example:

Then I:
3. Close/minimize the browser and do other things for a while
4. Reopen Brave and the page that was there is now gone and all that shows is the New Tab Page

Except that the New Tab Page that displays now is not the one above, but the same image I uploaded earlier (EVERY TIME). In other words, a specific NTP is loading over top of an existing NTP. I can actually see the reload. the page that is supposed to be there gets blacked out, a microsecond or two goes by, then the first image I uploaded gets displayed. Again, I would understand if this was expected behavior and it happened on all devices, but its just the one device (Fold 3) and it doesn’t happen with other ad-based NTPs on other devices or PCs.

I agree with your assessment though that whichever NTP was loaded should remain until I reload or somehow replace that NTP with another.

Hope that provides clarity.

Can you try disabling background images on your device temporarily? Simply disable the all images and browse normally for a while, then confirm whether or not the issue happens with images disabled — because that would be very weird. If it does not (which I assume will be the case), please try enabling the images again and test to see if the problem persists.

You can disable the NTP images by going to Settings --> New Tab Page --> Background images

Let me know what you find out.

@Mattches, Have not forgotten pending response but have been BTTW. Will try out your suggestion above as soon as I can and respond. Apologies for the delays.

@Mattches, @Saoiray ,

Thank you for your patience and apologies for the delayed response. While I am still BTTW, I wanted to take a moment to shed additional light on this topic. It seems I have been referring to the pages that get replaced incorrectly, so apologies for any confusion.

According to the recent additional push message from Brave, the type of page that is getting replaced only in my Galaxy Z Fold 3 is called a “New Tab Takeover”, which I assume means that one of the hosted ads gets displayed upon opening a new tab instead of one of the regular new tab backgrounds.

I have been on the road and using my mobile extensively so I have not had an opportunity to try disabling background images as it would negatively impact other work I am doing, but I wanted to share this while it’s fresh in my mind in case it has any impact on what is being considered. @Mattches, If I am back home by this weekend I will try your suggestion to see the behavior.

Thanks again for all your input and help.

You can also keep background images but disable the sponsored (ads) NTP background images in that same menu.

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