Access the brave setting configuration page

Why is it no longer possible to access the page
brave://settings on Android in order to be able to configure certain things that are inaccessible in the settings of the Android version.

I am thinking for example of the download folder which by default is buried in the inaccessible android/data/etc/etc/ folder of Android. Why in this place if not to hide things from us? Google itself is also incapable of recovering this precious “data” with its own assistant when transferring it from one phone to another. This shows the importance of manipulation.

This setting cannot be changed by default even if you suggest saving the files elsewhere, but you count on the fact that forgetting happens quickly, right?

I have no capacity to manage this exponentially growing file which consumes the memory of my smartphone. I am powerless to manage the memory of my phone. It is unacceptable

There are other essential settings that have been modified.
I haven’t found any documentation regarding this page and the related settings, nor a github project with a wiki documenting them.

If you could give us access again to regain this right since it is still our data and our IT support that you use thanks to us. Our data is stored outside our reach.
Transparency is lacking.


same on iOS, typing in “brave://settings” into the browser leads to an actual search for that term

If I sent you a message it’s because I don’t have access to this link.
Instead, I am redirected to the chrome settings page which is in error.
The screenshot will be very telling.

You seem to have no answer, what is the reason?
There must be a solution, right?

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