About earning ways

HELLOW PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP NE TO KNOW I JUST JOINED FEW DAYS AGO I WANT TO KNOW ONE THING AND THAT IS WHEN WE will start Earning the bat Will it be from the start of sign up or after 1month of sign up please help

Hi @Sameer2512,
If you go to brave://rewards/, it will tell you your payout date, since your joined a few days ago, sounds like your payout will be June. Ads are paid out once a month.

Means after signing up we have to wait 1 month for earning the bat?

In your case yes, but lets say signed up mid May you would still be paid out in June, so your wait would have been around 2 weeks. Ads are paid out once a month.

But here written next contribution payout will be in 28 may

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