1 usd per referral. lol im done!

Loving this since most of my traffic is USA or Tier 2 anyways.

As for the person saying Philippines should be Tier 4, no it should not.

It’s a matter of economies. Ph is worthless for traffic. Even if you get a lot of eyeballs it doesn’t translate into sales or income to the advertiser. It should be happy to even be on a tier at all. I personally would block it and have done so in the past. Certain countries are mostly bots with no real revenue generated.

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@Omniscient such view of other regions isn’t nice and factual. We aren’t bots. At least I am not one and am based in Nigeria.

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I’m guessing that it has less to do with the country itself and more to do with the supported advertisers’ marketing and demographic appeal. It may be that Hungary is not considered an especially lucrative market for Brave’s current pool of advertisers. I do not know much about your country but I imagine it has a relatively large base of potential consumers. Maybe there are laws, tariffs, policies, or something that makes Hungary a difficult place for Brave’s advertisers to reach?
I do notice that many other Eastern European nations are also on tier 4; Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Czechia, Serbia, all of the Balkan states in fact, and Turkey. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and the entirety of Latin America is tier 4, in fact. Compare Hungary and the other tier 4 with the tier 3 countries and what do you notice? Tier 3 is very Eurocentric, strong economies. Tier t 2 even more so, and with very strong cultural, linguistic, and economic ties to the only Tier 1 country on the list. I hope that helps!


That’s totally fair, but you must understand that many people have a very dim of countries that have earned a bad reputation, and Nigeria is near the top of that list.

Anyone who spends more than five seconds thinking about it will understand that such bad reputations are often the fault of a very small percentage of the population. Unfortunately, most people do not spend more than five seconds thinking about such things. From a logical, and perhaps unsympathetic perspective, however, if the Nigerian government and Nigerian society cannot reign in the amount of fraud being perpetrated upon millions of people worldwide by certain members of the Nigerian citizenry, then perhaps such distrust is not misplaced?

I say this as an American, whose country is guilty of far worse crimes than simply failing to subdue international email fraudsters. Then again, we have also saved the world from socialist despotism and global tyranny while also exporting capitalist and democratic ideals which have raised the standard of living for billions of people, so I’m not exactly ashamed of my country. I’m just realistic. And so should you be. Nigeria has a bad international reputation, and it is incumbent upon the good people of your country to change that. Godspeed to you.

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This point is still unclear to me. What if a tier-4 user installs on September 30th, but then confirms on November 15th?

Is the rate determined by the date of install ($5) or the date of confirmation ($2)?


Its $5 according to the email sent by Brave.
It’ll be $2 If the install comes on Oct 1st

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Thanks for your analysis. That is why I work 4 times as hard to portray a good representation of Nigeria. It isn’t easy always having to prove yourself and not being given the benefit of doubt. I have made it work and that is why I always support any good Nigerian or African cause outside or inside the community. To be a Nigerian is to always be on the attack because they would always assume you are a representation of the few popular bad heads. That is why I take my role as community ninja really serious. At least am the only one with the badge and am proud to be Nigerian.


From my understanding, this is still not clear.

On one hand, the install happens before October 1st (reason for $5).

On the other, the confirmation happens on November 15th (and the e-mail says there are no more $5 payouts after October — reason for $2).


Referral is optional, it’s up to you… and if the only thing that brave is use to you is the money, then go to tier 1-3 countries… LOL.

and maybe you are one of those ‘click this and receive money’?

I’m not saying this just because I am not from Philippines when in fact, I am also from Philippines…

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You could use a tracker. Drop your referral link into the tracker, and use the tracker URL to advertise. Then in the back end, you can see where the referrals came from.

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Hahahaha getting someone interested about a privacy based browser then using a tracker to get them onboard. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


Everyone in the advertising community uses them. It’s for Analytics. xD

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We wouldn’t have to do that if Brave themselves let us see the region of our referrals like most referral based programs do. So we gotta do it ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with a tracker link. But there is a problem with websites tracking you through cookies to other websites and sharing your data to 3rd parties.

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@alex could regions be added to our dashboard


It really seems unfair and it’s demotivating to refer people.


Hey guys - piling on here. I hope we realize that the referral program – www.brave.com/refer – was meant to be run until we spent $1M equivalent. As of the last settlement, we are already at $2M+ and by the time the program ends it will be $3M and above. And yet we are here, trying to do the right thing by extending it further so creators can earn more.

We spent a lot of time discussing the details of the program around sustainability and we ended up here. As it turns out the dominant usage was for folks who were not necessarily organic creators that used it as a stream to append to their existing earnings; it was mostly folks using the $5 to arbitrage and earn. We have nothing against such creators (well, users!) and we are working with some of them directly at the same rates here. We are not obliged to share internal marketing rate decisions, so I hope folks on this thread can understand that while we normally open to debate, asking for operating decisions is not up for a discussion.

The change in the program is to extend it, not to kill it so let’s not forget that is the primary goal. Also, Brendan has promised that we review the program every quarter and we will review it if we feel all parties involved are not getting value. So this is not IT either and we will keep listening to feedback and evolving the refer program.

Thanks for listening!


@alex @eljuno

how about this:

tier 1 - $7
tier 2 - $6
tier 3 - $5
tier 4 - $4
tier 5 - $3

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Well said in the name of “Big Tech Crusade”. Just don’t become one of those. Your product exists in one hand thanks to the cryptocommunity. Never forget.

You know why Philippines is not in tier 3? That’s because there are too many people abusing the referral program to refer to “phantom” users and too much syndicates abusing this as a way to earn money. Look at the tier 3 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan. These are countries where the economy is matured and advertisers don’t mind spending their advertising dollars because they know the audience there are genuine consumers unlike those trying to game the system elsewhere. So ask yourself (and your fellow country mates) who should be responsible if no advertisers want to advertise to people in your country?