Zotero Extension, Share Your Hack/Workaround Attempts


Given that–

  1. BB is relatively new, and understandably squashing bugs probably takes higher priority than many things
  2. it will take some time to get Zotero itself to offer an official extension for BB
  3. and it would be nice for us to help ourselves

is there anyone who has made any of the workarounds to take the Chrome Zotero Extension and repackage it for Brave?

Limitations: Can’t take more than 2 hours for a noob, and level of difficulty can’t exceed this upper limit:
and should ideally be a process (a checklist?) that an average frosh can follow

Much to my dismay, I am finding that the lack of Zotero integration is killing my new favorite browser for me, and I would like to give one more stab.
[BTW, this isn’t a knock against BB, because my dependence on Zotero (for work) is to the point where BB could offer me free chocolate for each hour I spent on it and without Zotero I still wouldn’t be able to make it my primary.]


edit: this other Sampson suggested workaround did not work for me, but maybe someone else made it happen? https://medium.com/@jonathansampson/testing-chrome-extensions-in-brave-8e25d1f7386d


Also, Zotero has been on the requested extension list for quite a while: The list of the requested extensions

But please click on the number next to Zotero (at above link) to show that we still care.

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