Zotero - Excellent Research Manager


Open-source app that provides the ability to save references from the browser.


I would like to have the Zotero extension
I would like to have the Zotero extension


Excellent and very useful extension. :slight_smile:


+1 I love the Zotero extension


Yes pleaaaaaaase :slight_smile:


@blorq @Kimmers @fatboy @JasoonsS Zotero is requested and listed here:

Thank you,


Very useful for research.


Please add Zotero. I use it every day. Necessary if Brave is to be used by scholars and students for research.


Excellent extension


+1 This is definitely necessary


I’d love to switch entirely to Brave, but I use Zotero extensively in my work. Will switch over when it’s available.


+1, zotero is a must. A lot of researchers use it, supporting
it would definitely score Brave a positive point, especially now that more and
more people are fleeing google services.


Yes! Yes! Let’s do it. +1


I love Brave, but I can’t switch completely because I use Zotero so much as a student. I would love to see this as an extension


For someone who’s never used it before can you tell me how it’s useful to you and why is it that the chrome web store portal doesn’t appear?


I don’t know why the chrome web store portal doesn’t appear, but Zotero is the best tool for research I have ever come across. It allows incredibly easy saving and organizing of sources from the browser directly into the Zotero program - which also integrates seamlessly into word. It generates bibliographies and citations incredibly well in multiple citation formats, and has saved me countless hours of trying to organize my sources for various research papers. I highly recommend using it if you ever need to write anything with sources.


Thanks, I appreciate it.

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