Zotero Connector Extension

I am aware there are two discussions about the extension request but I wanted to post this to see if it can be added to the previous one : ZOTERO EXTENSION REQUEST

This is a feature that now, more than ever, Brave MAC users will start to miss. Recently, with the release of Safari 12, apple branded the zotero connector extension insecure because it doesnt come from the app extension store and therefore it has been deactivated. While there is a workaround to make it work using the developers version of the Safari, they recommend using other browsers to be able to utilize this connector. The official statement from Zotero regarding this issue is here.

As a researcher, I find zotero to be the best reference manager out there and I also really like the way brave performs in both MACos and Windows. So please, to great brave developers, think of including these extension in future releases of Brave. I read all the comments from people supporting this extension and there is no need to highlight anymore all its advantages. Enough to say, it will power the usability of the browser even more for people doing any type of applied research.



I totally agree. As a researcher I use Zotero since is the best reference manager. As a Mac user Iā€™m completely forced to go out of the environment and security that offers to manage my research. It would be great and appreciated if we can get a BB Zotero extension for both Mac and Windows users. So please BB developers accept this request. I can not agree more with the idea that this Zotero extension would help to boost the presence of BB in the fields of applied research and academia.