Zooming +/- percentages

When zooming in/out on a page, it would be better that it goes steadily +/- 10% (or 5%) regardless of the current zoom instead of the current jumps that go 10, then 15, then 25. (When zooming out the percentages aren’t even divisible by 5 at some point, though that is less of an issue.)
On Firefox, for example, I had a sweet zoom spot at 133% that worked perfectly for me on most pages I visited (like, at least 90% of the sites), and 125% is really not a good enough match.
It should be considered as there are definitely people who use zooming to aid and ease their reading and steady/smaller changes are far better for near-perfect customisation/adjustment for one to feel comfortable reading on their screen (there is certainly such a thing as too large, and 150% is way too large for me, but 125% is also noticeably too small! The jump is just too much, and if anything the difference between percentages should be smaller the more zoomed in it is! Best to make it constant, though, I’d say).

Also, I’ve just noticed the zoom is global - it would be ideal if it were per-site / per-tab and saved that way. :slight_smile: