Zooming and resizing with both fingers trigger a screenshot


I like Brave very much but there is annoyance which I can’t get rid off. A lot of times when I resize a webpage with both fingers, the application (?) generate a unwanted screenshot. Now I am not 100% it is a feature of Brave or Android (5.1). It seems that it happen more on certain sites. I can’t find any settings to disable that feature.
Any idea ?



Hi @marelenjo

Sounds like an Android feature to me, what device do you have?



Bonjour LaurenWags

It’s a new tablet. A bit obscure brand, Irulu X1S running Android 5.1 Lollipop. It happen a lot in Brave and I haven’t figure out either how to repeat the sequence which produce a screenshot, neither how to disable it.

So you confirm it’s not a feature of the browser ?



Hi @marelenjo

It is not a feature as far as I know. I have not been able to reproduce this on my Android devices, but will investigate further.



Ok try with this page please. It does it very often. I don’t know if a web page can have that programmed in ???




Hi @marelenjo , I cant reproduce the issue on the site you provided on Yoga tablet running same version of Android. Do you actually see the screenshot saving message? I just see the page kind of flashes when i try to zoom in using two fingers